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Our story began after our founder, Mr. Hemchandra Mathure, got a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital for immediate bypass surgery. After the surgery, in 1993, Mr. Mathure who wasn’t very well, financially, was distraught with the amount of money his family had to spend for the operation and the medicines. That led to his search for an alternative and cheaper way to diagnose heart diseases and he stumbled upon the 3D-CCG Cardiac Cartography machine. After multiple meetings and trial run with a German company, he finally bought his first Cardiac Cartography machine thus giving birth to Mathure Cardiac Cartography Centre. Following this, when he introduced the idea to his friends and family, he received an amazing response and people from all over Mumbai approached him for Cardiac Cartography. But, there was a problem. Although Mr. Mathure was able to find a completely non-invasive and an affordable alternate for angiography, he wasn't able to provide an alternate cure for heart diseases and that made him dive into research again. 

After a year of excruciating research for an alternative cure for heart disease and getting a diploma in naturopathy, he came up with an Ayurvedic medicine that helped increase the flow of blood and reduced cholesterol. After a few months of trials and immensely positive responses, he decided to go forward with this. He contacted an Ayurvedic doctor to confirm his findings and almost immediately got a deal to manufacture Rasoved.

Today, his legacy is looked after by his daughter-in-law, Arati Mathure, a Naturopathy doctor, and his granddaughter, Durva Mathure. After a decade of transformations, from Mathure Cardiac Cartography Centre to SAAD Aayur, and Rasoved to Rasoved Plus and a bunch of other medicines, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the reason behind all this. The goal to provide affordable preventative healthcare! Today, SAAD Aayur’s medicines have served and cured over 6000 patients all over India and it’s just the beginning.

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SAAD Aayur has endeavored to ensure that all the information on the website is correct. Please consult with our doctors before taking the medicines. The results from the products may vary from person to person. The opinions expressed during the appointments, in the articles, and on the website reflect the team's experiences and understanding of traditional naturopathic practices and Ayurveda. 

The educational and informative content provided by us is, in no way, shape, or form, to take the place of personalized care provided by a personal healthcare provider rather, used in conjunction with such professional advice. 

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